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Coaching For Charity




By David Papa


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Have you ever felt that hot queasy feeling that you can't do anything to help the world? I've felt it. The disempowering belief behind this feeling is definitely not true, but it feels real. All the social issues we are facing on Earth can be pretty demoralizing. Compared to billions of people on this planet, I live like a king. How do I reconcile that? How do I use my skills and passions to help more?

I may have figured it out. Starting today, every client I coach and every project I deliver will also help people in need around the world.

I've joined B1G1 Business For Good. You can check out B1G1 here. They allow a business like mine to donate to vetted charity projects from some of the best humanitarian organizations. They keep track of everything we donate and the impact of what we donate, so we can see very clearly how we are helping.

I've chosen a few projects that my work will fund to start out. They include helping restore sight for children with treatable blindness, helping feed and shelter families in need, empowering 3rd world women to create sustainable businesses, planting fruit trees to give families income and enhance the environment, and training rural farmers in sustainable agriculture.

This is an experiment. I'll start out by donating 3% of my revenue for all projects to these causes. It may not sound like much but even a few dollars goes a long way in certain places. Over time, this can really add up. For bigger projects or longer lasting work, we might be able to do something really interesting like build a whole school.

If you are a client, this means that our work that will help you will also help a cause you really care about in the world. You can even pick which cause you'd like to help. I'll track the impact of our work together over time.

I'm also looking for some local projects to support with great organizations in Prague, where I live. If you have any tips, let me know.

Think about what we could accomplish if we all gave 3%. Or even 1%. Just through the work we already want to do! For me, it's a huge win-win-win.

I feel really good about this. There is, however, an important counterpoint I want to share. I really believe the first and best way to change the world is to work on ourselves. Our inside is what gets created outside. The more of us that find peace inside, the more peace we can create outside. As we lift ourselves up we are in a better position to lift up others. And hey, while we are doing that, why don't we help out other people at the same time?

I'll post more in the future once I see how this is going. Thanks to all my current and former clients that have helped me be in a position to give, and thanks to all the amazing people out there making the world a better place.

Love, David

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