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From Forced Success to Ease and Healing, Aisling's Story


by David Papa


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· emotions,process,audio

From The No Effort Human Podcast With David Papa And Friends

This is the most important episode to date. I'm so grateful Aisling Quiery came on the podcast.

Aisling did everything we are supposed to do to find success. She worked hard, studied for 10 years to be a medical doctor, landed in a prestigious practice, and she was suffering. She found herself overstressed stressed, sick, and she sought help. This took her on a journey where she healed herself through nonconventional means, she learned that the body’s signals are much more than physical problems. She talks about the real cause of physical symptoms, how to use emotions to heal, how she treats her patients, what happened to her in Peru, and how her own inner transformation changed her outer world.

Amazingly, as she worked on herself, she moved from head to heart. She went from stuckness, forcing, and effort in life to living in ease and flow, and amazing new opportunities started showing up. This can happen for all of us.

The lessons and tips in this episode are absolute personal development gold. Her story shows us how embracing our body's signals and embracing our emotions can heal us and change our lives.

Enjoy this episode right here in this post, or on and several different platforms.

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