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Introducing, No Effort Human, A Podcast


by David Papa


4 min read + podcast

· spirituality,audio

Do we need to struggle?

Think of what a seed is able to accomplish.

A tiny seed must find itself in the perfect conditions, grow roots into the thick soil, absorb all the nutrients it can around it, sprout organic material from nothing that reaches to find any sliver of sunlight. Somehow, it knows how. Then it creates a beautiful Fibonacci structure called a flower whose delicate petals unfold to attract the eating habits of animals and the appreciation of humans.

All the odds seem stacked against this seed, yet it blossoms and multiplies into tremendous beauty. And if that seed has the blueprint of a tree inside it, from one tiny nugget emerges one of the biggest organisms on the planet that can live for hundreds of years.

The seed does all this without a brain. Maybe this is our problem.

Do we think the seed, buried on the forest floor, cries about how far it has to go?

Do we think the flower needs compliments and validation to believe in its own beauty?

Do you think the tree cries when it lets all of its leaves die, having to rebuild itself entirely anew?

Do we really think anything in nature considers life a painful struggle? Or is nature reveling in every piece of its existence?

The spider building its meticulous web. Do we think it laments the spot it chose? Do we think it cries over all the sticky silk it must spread again and again as its web becomes old or is destroyed?

Then why do we humans? We are part of nature. Life and nature are IN us. We ARE life. This brain-less intelligence that makes everything happen – we are also that.

Is there a way to let this intelligence help us blossom like the flower, grow strong like the tree, do our art with the patience and devotion of a spider, live our beauty in the world in a way that feels amazing, alive, fresh, and full of joy?

Yes. There is.

Understanding that. Doing that. Living that. That’s what I want. That’s what this podcast is about.

This is Surrender. It is such a misunderstood topic. It is not weakness. It is strength. It is not abdication. It is reclaiming your power. It is the pinnacle of both freedom and responsibility simultaneously. It is your pain and your pleasure together at the same time as the energy flows through you at a magnitude you didn’t know was possible. It’s bliss. It’s Life.

But it might be one of those things that we don’t understand until we really experience it for ourselves. How? Let’s see if we can find out.

Enjoy this episode.

Love, David

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