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      Embodied Coaching for Leaders and Teams.

      Specializing in Motivation, Creativity, Resilience, and Difficult Conversations

    • I'm honored to have coached and taught several hundred leaders from some of the world's most interesting companies.

      Like the world's largest container shipping company. A global eco-materials company. One of the US's largest social enterprises. One of the fastest organically growing online tech companies. A company putting mindfulness and compassion at the center of healthcare. One of the most innovative business education companies. One of the largest international nonprofits, eradicating poverty and uplifting women.


      "David, I just want to say you are brilliant as a moderator, but what's best is your true belief that leadership is making people feel THEY are their own leaders, and what matters most is who we are as human beings. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a better person, and improve leadership skills as a consequence."

      - Braz B., International Sales Director for a global eco-materials company


      'Working with David is great. It's easy, he's 100% authentic in his delivery, he has great energy, and I trust him completely. He's approachable and he's fun. We were able to explore EQ together with the whole department! It not only helped open the door to the EQ world to everyone, but it was practical and helped us be a stronger team that can help each other emotionally as well. I give David a 10."

      - Nela F., Department Head for an international education and innovation company

    • Specialty Areas

      Topics I'm best in and love the most.



      "David has a unique ability to invoke emotions in people, always knowing the right questions to ask. He has a unique way with words. I walk away from meeting him with at least one phrase that I constantly refer to in my thoughts that sustains my progress. His ability to listen and understand, then suggest techniques based on that knowledge is above-and-beyond anything I've experienced with other coaches. I feel very thankful to have worked with David and consider him to be an integral part of my learning and development, both in my career and my personal life."

      - Geoff F., Innovation Lab Manager

      Leadership Conversations

      Everything that we achieve comes from relationships.

      The art of leadership and getting great work done is really the art of conversations, pleasant ones and painful ones. Many leaders don't know how to have conversations that empower and inspire. Many leaders avoid conversations that are difficult. I love helping leaders get feedback on their communication and to start having highly emotionally intelligent communication in every direction.

      Motivation and Creativity

      Addressing the Whole Person for Full Engagement at Work.

      There are 7 key elements every person needs at work to feel fulfilled and give their absolute best. Most workplaces only provide a few. There is science underpinning these 7 and an art to delivering them at work. I love coaching leaders who want to learn what people need and to find their authentic ways to provide it.


      Understand Your Personal Resilience Pattern.

      Stress and change can wreck leaders, or they can become a leader's greatest strengths. You can get a personalized resilience report from me that will show you your strengths and blindspots for dealing with challenges. We can use this with coaching to help you thrive and give yourself and others high-performance self-care.

      Team Synergy

      Assessing Team Strengths, Flows, and Weaknesses.

      Most teams are operating far below their actual abilities, some are highly dysfunctional. I love helping a team really click into something much more than the sum of its parts. I offer a Team Synergy assessment and the coaching we build from that will help will fix issues and help your team shine in even more ways.

    • My Coaching Philosophy

      "If you take care of people, they will take care of everything else." - Richard Branson

      That's my business mantra. I'm fanatical about the well-being of people. As leaders, every day at work we have a chance to make someone's life better. That's why I coach. This is what inspires me. This also makes more profit. Human well-being is the number one driver of business well-being. Do you treat it that way?


      This isn't always easy. With all our competing priorities, agendas, and pulls on our time, sometimes we can't even take care of ourselves, let alone others. Plus, people are complicated, how do we know what they really need? How do we know how to inspire, motivate, give the right feedback, or give a push at the right moment to really help them? Most people don't. We end up stressed, overwhelmed, indecisive, and suffering at work, and we think this is normal! It's a dis-ease that I want to help cure. That's why I've dedicated myself to learning how people work and change. With me, you get a unique, embodied, psycho-sensory coaching approach focused on data, experiments, and habits that create change.

      When you work with me you will uncover the real story of what people need at work. You will demystify the psychology of motivation and creativity. You will get tools that increase emotional intelligence and decrease stress and conflicts. You will get 360 feedback and assessments to help you see your strengths, your blind spots, and how to be at your best. I've used the technology of coaching to help several hundred leaders shift their awareness, resilience, purpose, and coaching skills to let out the clear, powerful, embodied leaders they are inside.

      "David not only inspired us with lots of new business ideas and approaches on how to find customers, he most importantly helped us to realize the individual purpose that the members of our management team want to achieve. In this very intensive one-day workshop, we got clarity on who we are and where we want to go." - Regula S., Partner, Management Consulting

    • How An Individual Coaching Engagement Works

      Typically, we would meet every 2 weeks for 6 months, using the following process.



      We meet to discuss your goals and my background and style, to see if we are a fit to work together.



      We use 360-degree feedback or the Personal Resilience Profile to get a solid baseline of your current state and the key levers that will help you the most. With a team, we use Team Resilience or Team Synergy.


      Skills and Habits

      We turn your target areas into experiments and habits so that you build the skills you need to create the change you are looking for. We also address any challenges or obstacles that arise for you.



      Until we conclude our work, I will hold you accountable to your own truth, deep goals, and need to adjust through both encouragement and challenging questions. I will also celebrate with you all the shifts and wins that you will experience.

    • Numbers


      "David, I wanted to thank you for the highly significant impact you’ve had on ISP and for giving us a workable strategy to inspire the change I’ve been hoping for – it has been extremely useful to have your perspective combined with data you collected from our employees."

      - Viktoria K., Founder and CEO of an international business education innovation company


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      Years of experience in corporations and working with corporations.


      Years of experience in media, marketing, and branding before coaching.


      Years as a coach and teacher, working with several hundred leaders.


      Coaching certifications in Personal Resilience, Team Resilience, Team Synergy, and Team Facilitation. 


      Countries I've lived and worked in long-term.


      Consecutive days of meditation at the time of this writing.

    • "I found interacting with David very useful for my professional development. I wish I could have had more time with him. It helped me learn how to understand my own motivations and how to use that to be more effective (instead of always battling my weaknesses)."

      Mike F. - Deputy Director Middle East Region, International Nonprofit

      "David is a gifted communicator and relentless collaborator. It's invigorating when someone deeply challenges you for the sake of moving towards a bigger vision, and not individual egos. His insight into human nature and society is very real."

      Kenneth C. - Creative Director, B2B Agency

      "David helped me pay attention to what gives me energy, and to do more self-care. For the different challenges that have come up, I feel more able to deal with them. I learned how to better manage my energy. I feel more positive and capable. It was great."

      Theresa H. - Director, International Nonprofit

      "Hi David, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you! The video you made inspired me so much. I’ve been stuck and thinking too much, and you’re advice was the most insightful so far in this process. So for that I am grateful and I wanted to thank you deeply."

      Nicky K. - Entrepreneur

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