• Happy Leaders And Happy Teams Create More Success And More Good.

      Happy people have 37% more sales, 31% more productivity, and 19% less errors. It's science.

      What could you accomplish if you and your people loved work?

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      I specialize in Coaching-Style Leadership. This uses Emotional Intelligence, Purpose, Conflict Management, Change and Resilience, and Inspiring Communication to solve problems, collaborate, and create our best work.

      • Coached 11 country-heads from one large international organization on personal resilience, leadership habits, and decision making. 
      • Led a multi-million dollar company through redoing their values from scratch, from the "bottom up", involving the whole organization.
      • Created multiple custom online leadership programs for different companies with videos, worksheets, practical exercise, and virtual coaching.
      • Coached 20 director-level leaders in one organization in coaching and mentoring others.
      • Trained 36 executives in leading distributed teams in a large European company.
      • Facilitated a 4-day workshop for 60 leaders at a time at a Fortune 100 company, several times.
      • Worked with the board of an international non-profit to understand their levels of personal resilience. 
      • Taught team-based emotional intelligence to a department of 30 people in an international company.
      • Taught a class where 9 entrepreneurs learned how to be inspiring public speakers.
      • Organized and hosted two meditation and mindfulness retreats.
    • "David not only inspired us with lots of new business ideas and approaches on how to find customers, he most importantly helped us to realize the individual purpose that the members of our management team want to achieve. In this very intensive one-day workshop, we got clarity on who we are and where we want to go."

      Regula S. - Management Consultant, Partner

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    • Offerings

      I work with world-class collaborators on high-value programs for leaders that care about people.

    • Creative Leadership

      Growth Through Creativity, Collaboration, and Peace of Mind.

      Created with Arnaud CZ

      Failing to develop understanding, cooperation, and change capacity leads to financial and employee stagnation. Failure to address stress and overwhelm leads to errors, conflict, absenteeism, turnover, and costs companies billions of dollars every year. Is your leadership helping our hurting in these areas? We will help you assess your organization in these factors. Then we design workshops, team building, or 1-1 coaching just for you. Find the support and peace of mind your people need to do their best work. Read more.

      "Working with David is great. It's easy, he's 100% authentic in his delivery, he has great energy, and I trust him completely. He's approachable and he's fun. We were able to explore EQ together with the whole department! It not only helped open the door to the EQ world to everyone, but it was practical and helped us be a stronger team that can help each other emotionally as well. I give David a 10."

      Nela F. - Department Head


    • The Leadership Foundry

      Leadership Foundry

      Where Managers Forge Themselves Into Leaders, Online.

      Created with Brandon Smith and Randy Hain

      Most managers never get a chance to get an MBA, get coaching, or get executive-level leadership tools. The Leadership Foundry changes that. Your managers get access to Executive-MBA instructors, veteran coaches, and a massive online video library of leadership content on the desktop or phone. Because it happens entirely online, you can get top training and coaching for rates that make it accessible to all the managers that need it.

      • It's practical - every video includes multiple tools that can get plugged into the calendar, so the training is used immediately
      • It's personal - every participant gets either group or individual coaching so their learning really sticks and creates change
      • It's time-sensitive - watch videos on the go, and find the advice you need when you need it
      "Hi David, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you! The video you made inspired me so much. I’ve been stuck and thinking too much, and your advice was the most insightful so far in this process. So for that I am grateful and I wanted to thank you deeply."

      Nicky K. - Entrepreneur


    • Digital Chieftains

      Invite Your Managers and Millenials to Become Tribal Leaders and Makers of the Future.

      Created with TNM Coaching

      The world needs a new type of leader. Workplace engagement is at an all-time low, the world is changing faster than ever before, uncertainty is the normal state. Companys are filled with fragmented and decentralized teams. These are the challenges this program solves. Leaders will learn Unity Engagement, how to become get stronger in change and uncertainty, and how to run thriving distributed teams. We do this by combining workplace science with ancient tribal wisdom in our spiritual leadership retreats, group training, and 1-1 coaching. Read more.

      "David is a gifted communicator and relentless collaborator. It's invigorating when someone deeply challenges you for the sake of moving towards a bigger vision, and not individual egos. His insight into human nature and society is very real."

      Kenneth C. - Creative Director


    • Coaching-Style Leaders And Teams

      Learn the Art of Coaching To Develop Your Team, Improve Performance, And Solve Problems

      Coaching is one of the most important skills for any leader. Leaders can use coaching or a coaching-style in almost every leadership scenario to create better outcomes. Coaching is about helping someone develop their own answers which leads to more creativity, accountability, improvement, and ownership. Leaders that model coaching also teach their teams to coach. There is a reason every pro athlete has a coach. If we want high performance, we need coaching.

      "David has a unique ability to invoke emotions in people, always knowing the right questions to ask. His ability to listen and understand, then suggest techniques based on that knowledge is above-and-beyond anything I've experienced with other coaches. I feel very thankful to have worked with David and consider him to be an integral part of my learning and development, both in my career and my personal life."

      Geoff F. - Innovation Lab Manager


    • "David is a strong strategic leader and 360 progressive mentor and coach. He extracted insights from a wealth of data to determine our best approach to solve our challenge." ​

      Diane M. - Director, Sales and Marketing

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