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    • Coaching

    • David has a unique ability to invoke emotions in people, always knowing the right questions to ask. He has a unique way with words. I walk away from meeting him with at least one phrase that I constantly refer to in my thoughts that sustains my progress. His ability to listen and understand, then suggest techniques based on that knowledge is above-and-beyond anything I've experienced with other coaches. Those are just a few, but in general I feel very thankful to have worked with David and consider him to be an integral part of my learning and development, both in my career and my personal life.

      Geoff F. - Innovation Lab Manager

      I found interacting with David very useful for my professional development. I wish I could have had more time with him. It helped me learn how to understand my own motivations and how to use that to be more effective (instead of always battling my weaknesses).

      Michael F. - Country Head

      I was worried to spend money on coaching, but after doing the work with David I feel this was the best money I ever spent. I really appreciated that he taught me tools that I can use on my own, supporting me through identifying the roots of negative emotions, and I had a breakthrough when he helped me shift emotions that I previously thought impossible, i.e. anger, fear, self-doubt. I have shifted my energy around money, and as a result, I just started my own business. Some people have guides and mentors as they grow up, for those not as fortunate, you can work with someone like David who will help you discover how very powerful you are to shape your reality and enjoy a higher level of wellbeing.

      Ivaylo G. - Facilitator

    • David saved my life. These last few weeks have been some of the most emotionally turbulent and downright STRANGE that I've ever experienced. All kinds of fears came to the surface, and deep emotions of sadness, loss, confusion and anger coming out. And it would have been 100x times harder if it wasn't for the loving kindness, genius, and generosity of this dude! He taught me what to do to move through emotion and get to Peace.​

      Chris H. - Coach to Leaders and Creatives

      Your in-person sessions have been f***ing incredible! Thank you for them. One of your sessions opened my throat and I was able to speak differently at work, and another session opened me up to a new opportunity that brought me to LA.

      Eric C. - Entrepreneur, Writer

      David helped me pay attention to what gives me energy, and to do more self-care. For the different challenges that have come up, I feel more able to deal with them. I learned how to better manage my energy. I feel more positive and capable. It was great.​

      Theresa H. - Director

    • David, it was thanks to your teachings that I discovered my passion. After thousands of euros spent on personal development materials, seminars and books, I was able to uncover my passions and purposes in just one session with you. I just wanted to give you a big thank you.

      Antonio C. - Web Developer

    • Hi David, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you! The video you made inspired me so much. I’ve been stuck and thinking too much, and you’re advice was the most insightful so far in this process. So for that I am grateful and I wanted to thank you deeply.

      Nicky K. - Entrepreneur

      David is exceptional. He's talented, insightful, and the perfect blend of open and directive. He's been tremendous in helping me see how what I do is different and unique.

      Brandon S. - Founder and CEO

      David is a strong strategic leader and 360 progressive mentor and coach. He can extract insights from a wealth of data to determine the best approach to solve a challenge. ​

      Diane M. - Director, Sales and Marketing

    • Leadership and Culture

    • Working with David is great. It's easy, he's 100% authentic in his delivery, he has great energy, and I trust him completely. He's approachable and he's fun. We were able to explore EQ together with the whole department! It not only helped open the door to the EQ world to everyone, but it was practical and helped us be a stronger team that can help each other emotionally as well. I give David a 10.

      Nela F. - B2B Department Head

      David was a valuable part of our growth strategy. He helped us clearly define what we believe in and how we can identify potential partners who share our impactful vision.

      Sara H. - Entrepreneur, Instructional Designer

      David not only inspired us with lots of new business ideas and approaches on how to find customers, he most importantly helped us to realize the individual purpose that the members of our management team want to achieve. In this very intensive one-day workshop, we got clarity on who we are and where we want to go.

      Regula S. - Management Consultant, Partner

    • David is extremely smart in what he does and I really like his personality and approach. He has great expertise in the development field and is able to customize it to exactly what we need. I really enjoy working with David.

      Tomas C. - Finance Director

      David's coaching covered all of the areas we needed guidance and support with, and it also inspired our management team to change.​

      Ixora B. - HR Manager

      Hi David, I just want to thank you again for the fabulous training sessions. I would say it’s the best virtual training I have had so far. I love the concept about ‘experiments’, I believe ‘you can only absorb theories after practice’. And I really liked the course contents.

      Daisy H. - Business Controller and Manager

    • David is a gifted communicator and relentless collaborator. It's invigorating when someone deeply challenges you for the sake of moving towards a bigger vision, and not individual egos. His insight into human nature and society is very real.

      Kenneth C. - Creative Director


      David is one of these exceptional human beings who thinks with his heart. When I first met David I knew immediately: this is the person I was looking for and I want to work with. He plans his work diligently and executes consistently.

      Erhard R. - Neurostrategist

      David, I wanted to thank you for the highly significant impact you’ve had on ISP and for giving us a workable strategy to inspire the change I’ve been hoping for – it has been extremely useful to have an outsider’s perspective combined with data collected from our own systems, clients & employees.

      Viktoria K. - Founder and CEO

    • David, just want to say you are brilliant as a moderator, but best is your true belief in advising leaders that leadership is making people feel THEY are their own leaders, and what matters most is who they are as human beings. Thanks for giving me opportunity to be a better person, and improve leadership skills as a consequence.

      Braz B. - Sales Manager and Business Unit Director

      Special thank you to David Papa for an outstanding performance. He was enthusiastic about the theme and he had helpful comments and questions for all of the participants. He was full of energy and was actively listening and giving hints to help us develop.

      Anonymous feedback from a leadership training in a world-leading eco-materials company

    • Speaking

    • I saw David keep an audience of entrepreneurs engaged so much they didn’t want to let him go. He did a long Q&A session with relaxed confidence and profound understanding of the subject. David is one of those rare speakers who not only structures a talk beautifully but adapts to his audience along the way. He breaks down complicated topics with a very natural sense of humor. He's a truly enjoyable and caring speaker.

      Nadia K. - Photographer, Consultant, Writer

      David's delivery and content were powerful, easy to understand, humorous, interesting, and created a great atmosphere. It was refreshing to have interaction as opposed to just being talked at.

      Amanda B. - Education Head

      I saw David speak about spirituality in business - a topic I usually avoid since the content tends to be unempirical and rarely pushes me to think in new ways (that I trust). David surprised me. He's able to talk about issues that are generally on the far side of the "soft" side of business--love, meaning, spirituality, emotion--using current science as well as practical exercises that powerfully convey why these "soft" domains are centrally important to doing good business.

      Will B. - Business Owner and Social Psychologist

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