This is a Welcome Page. You're welcome.

My name is David Papa and I am very happy you are here.

Thank you for subscribing to the my zeitgeist. I'm not sure I am using that word correctly.

I'm co-building two companies that can help you understand how great you really are, and help you become that starting now. The Change Tribe is for rebellious business people, and Sirius Transformation is for the extra woo-woo among us.

But they are not what this personal blog is mostly about, unless I write a post about how trying to co-build two companies while being a new dad is a really bad idea. Don't do it.

What I intend to do here is share my most out-there musings. By out-there I mean definitely really non-mainstream and woo-woo (because I love it) and most probably unreferenced (because I'm lazy). I expect most people won't like what I write. I'm surprised you are still even reading this now.

You might be one of the few who pick up what I'm throwing down, and I salute you, I thank you, and I virtually high-five you. Together, we're going to make a higher vibe consciousness on this planet. We're bringing the Love in. We're holding open the door for peace in our own lives and the world. If you're into what I'm sharing here let me know in some way because it's a little eery just sending writings into the vacuum of space.

If you are an "alien" reading this you probably literally are in the vacuum of space. No offense. It's probably fine out there. If you ever want to show me what it's like, I'm ready!

Love, David